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sevens [card game]


This app is sevens of the card game.Although is a game of simple rules that go out in order playing cards by sevens,The game is profound.
Please try to play by all means.
■ Game Rules of sevensAllocate each 13 pieces in each randomly playing cards first.
After allocated, from the hand of each player, you put a lot of middle 7.
You will play in clockwise order from the player that issued the 7 of this when diamond.
It is clear and put a place in the middle all the hand.
However, you will lose if you do not put out in a field of four central hand.Playing cards of the player losing are ordered automatically all in place in the middle.
Up to 3 times is possible path.It is negative if you pass four times.
If you have successfully cleared, score runs out in accordance with the order.